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Making beautiful, dreamy, and genuine photographs while treasuring relationships and connection.

Behind the Lens


For me, it's more than just the beautiful photos. I want every single client that I have the pleasure to work with to feel comfortable and taken care of. 

I promise I will greet you with a warm smile and genuinely care about you and your family.

On your wedding day I will style every detail with creative care and give gentle direction so that you feel comfortable in front of the camera. I'll be a friend that makes sure you're staying hydrated and give encouragement in those moments that may feel a little overwhelming. 

I'll make sure to photograph those special and intimate moments with your spouse in the most meaningful way- but also give you space to enjoy it.

I will chat with your little ones about their favorite shows and get just as excited as they are about Baby Shark (as I sing along AND dance). You're welcome in advance for that. 

I'm Liz

about me

Getting to be present for all the best times in my clients' lives and feeling their joy when they receive their images. Also, let's be honest... eating my slice of wedding cake.

part of my job


Peonies, garden roses, and hydrangeas. In that order.



Anything fresh or different! I love trying new things. 



In my spare time, I create ceramic pieces on the pottery wheel.  It's such a relaxing way to carve out some "me time" and use my creative muscles in a different way. I also love reading or listening to a great audio book!



Staying up way too late, eating sweets, and binge watching my favorite shows. All time favorites are Breaking Bad, Outlander, and The Walking Dead. 

guilty pleasure


I'm a homeschooling, girl mom of 3 and I couldn't love it any more. As a family, we love a competitive game of Mario Kart, UNO, being outdoors, and spending time on our front porch.



my favorite things:

I know exactly why you need and want photographs. It's because you know how precious, fleeting, and special this life is with your people. You want to experience the joy of your wedding, of your children, and of your family not only now- but over and over again even as time passes and it becomes something new and different with each season. THAT is what I'm here for. 

with all their hearts

My clients are down to earth and love their people

about you