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No matter where you are in your photography journey... a total beginner, budding professional, or a seasoned professional who needs help in a certain area- I’m here to help!


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Let’s put together a custom mentoring package that’s going to work for YOU and do this thing together!

Wherever you are in you photography journey, I’ve been there. I've been in the industry for over 10 years now, and trust me it has been a whirlwind! There is SO much to learn and doing it alone is not fun. 


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From camera basics to editing and absolutely everything in between. I'm here to give you a hands-on experience leaving you feeling confident and capable of creating beautiful images.

Mentoring Options

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This option includes a detailed review of your 75-150 strongest images sent via your proofing site of choice (Shootproof, Pixieset, etc.) or Dropbox. I will create a 1- 1.5 hour video critique of your portfolio, including specific suggestions on individual photos and how you can improve as a whole. This is a fantastic option for those who may want a more detailed critique before applying to Click Pro.

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$300 Per Hour via Skype OR $350 Per Hour in Person

New to shooting film? Let’s schedule a Skype meeting or in person session to work through all your burning questions. I’ll give you the low down on how to get started, everything you need, what stocks you should try first, tips on lighting, what company is my favorite for processing, and MORE. If we meet in person I’ll show you physically how to use your camera, tips and tricks on metering, and using available light. This is totally customizable to what you want to learn most!

FILM 101

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$150 Per Hour via Skype OR $200 Per Hour in Person

This can be about ANYTHING you want to learn more about. Still figuring out that “fancy camera” and wondering how to use it to its full potential? Want to learn about the Exposure Triangle, how to get creative with your work, or basic editing? We can go over all of this and more! I promise you will leave our time together feeling so much more confident and capable of creating some beautiful images!


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$300 Per Hour via Skype OR $350 Per Hour in Person

This can be about ANYTHING you want to learn more about in your business. Shooting, editing, lighting, marketing, wedding industry, how to photograph families, the possibilities are endless! I’m an open book! When we meet in person we can sit down and chat about any and everything OR I can set up a shoot so that you can get lots of hands-on experience with me right there to help and show you exactly how I do things.


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