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Let's celebrate this beautiful time in your pregnancy with a maternity session!

Celebrate your journey...

Priced exactly the same as a family session or included in the Baby Club, these can take place either outdoors or in studio when you're around 7 months along!

Blake + Rachel

She has always made us feel so calm and comfortable in front of the camera as we have journeyed from a family of two, to three, and now four! My husband and I are always amazed by her patience and persistence to get the perfect shot! We never fail to be overwhelmed by the outcome and have loved every photo session with her! She is simply the best!!

"Liz's passion truly shines when she is working."

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This is going to be an experience that you will treasure for a lifetime. There is no better gift that you could give your future self than to beautifully document this moment in time!

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